Yahoo Case Study

Yahoo in-game ad screenshot
Yahoo in-game ad screenshot


Drive qualified traffic at scale to various Yahoo! business units including: Yahoo! Live, Originals, Trending Now and Sports initiatives. Delivery needed to be guaranteed within very concentrated flights with multiple KPIs.

Our Solution:

Award users with in-game currency for performing specific actions (i.e. watching videos) on Yahoo sites.


A branded AdIngot leading to the specific Yahoo landing page.


Yahoo Original Episodes of Community

  • Drove millions of video streams to Yahoo Originals episodes of the hit show ‘Community’
  • Delivery occurred in just a 39-day required time period (averaged over 100k video streams/day)
  • Maintained a consistent cost/30+second stream throughout entire flight

Yahoo Trending Now

  • Drove clicks to Yahoo Trending Now search results pages
  • Delivery occurred in just a 19-day required time period (averaged nearly 8k clicks/day)
  • Our CTR was 34% higher than the Social Ingot network average CTR for display campaigns

Yahoo Live Concert Events

  • Drove millions of video streams across 31 individual Yahoo Live concert events
  • Each flight averaged less than 2 full days of run-time
  • 93% of flights over-delivered on their goals at no additional cost
  • Effective cost per stream was 18% lower than the contracted rate